• Art Journal/Scrapbook/Drawing/Doodling Pages

    18 april 2012

    In an old children's book I paste, draw and fantasize. Not really minding esthetics. Scrappydyscrap...


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  • Hip and Handmade Market Deventer

    1 juni 2011

    Next sunday June 5th I will participate in the "Hip en Handgemaakt Markt" (Hip and Handmade Market) in Deventer. 2 years ago it was great fun in my market stand, visited by 2000 handmade loving people (mostly women, its true).

    In the mean time I have much more products to sell, I haven't been able to keep my hands still. Come and see my handmade stuff and enjoy this great market.


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  • The Exto Interview

    18 maart 2011

    Today the interview with me by Liesbeth Daale was put on the Exto site!

    It was interesting work to correctly formulate replies to Liesbeth's questions.

    Not an easy task, but funny how things I put on canvas without a thought (just intuition)

    are difficult to "translate" into language....

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  • Everyone needs a (crochet) notebook!

    21 februari 2011

    I bought a simple red dummy without the rules. I always keep one ready to draw or write down ideas that keep popping up in my mind.

    So why not embellish it with a colourful crochet cover? I get inspired immediately when spotting my notebook lying in a corner.


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  • What I've been doing with myself

    15 februari 2011

    I haven't sat still. I just haven't been in the mood to write a little someting in my blog. Being creative is one thing. But to spread it around the world wide web is a tricky thing to do; before you know it you are rambling on all day and cannot stop surfing the net.

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  • Crochet Creatures Inspired by Kids' Art

    15 november 2010


    Isn't wonderful how 4 year olds can design the most perfect crochet patterns. Look at these 2 examples: colorful with black edges, easy to transform into a crochet cotton toy!


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  • Dress up your pet

    9 november 2010


    A bad habit of mine: spoiling other people's children...

    At school I'm known as the creative painter mom, who makes a lot of clothes for her son's pets (she used to make dress up clothes for him too, when he was a little younger).

    Once I started to sew cute little clothes for other children's pets, the news spread rapidly: cute girly dress for a bunny pet, and another one, and an apron, etc. Last week Jip asked me to make him an eskimo suit for his doggy. So while he was playing with my son, I created some nice warm trousers and a cape, lined with teddy fur. I think Jip liked it very much.

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  • Art by young artists

    27 oktober 2010

    While photographing children's drawings and paintings in school, I got the idea to make crochet versions of their art.


    I started with a cat: "my cat Pipa", a wonderful two legged creature in bright colors.

    Yesterday I found some old drawings by "moi", 3 years old. And the girl in the orange jumpsuit was created at the age of 10 by the artist still known as "Marja". 






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  • Swinging cat and the cool dude on my shoe

    18 oktober 2010

    After a sad goodbye of our dear 18 year old Felix, we purchased a sweet little kitten called Skippy. Unfortunately she died within a week of a giardia infection... Digging 2 graves in one week is too much...

    Still the best way to get over it is going for a new kitten: people in the animal shelter called her Xinderella so, already having a beautiful 5 year old calico girl, named Cindy we had to rename her. 

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  • A foggy day...

    7 oktober 2010

    Autumn in Dalfsen. Spiders filling their tummies, getting fatter every day. 

    Look at their works of art!

    Today temperature rose up to 20 C .

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